Allstate Insurance Group Second Highest Auto Insurer

Sears’ Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance Group Second Highest Auto InsurerThe Allstate Corporation, founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Robuck & Co, is the largest publicly held personal insurer in the U.S. and ranks second largest by market share, with 10.48% of America’s auto insurance business. As of 2012, Allstate had written almost 18 million direct auto premiums. Its name comes from the name of a popular brand of Sears’ automobile tires and the company initially began offering auto insurance policies through the Sears catalog as well as by direct mail. A year prior to opening its first sales office inside a Sears store in Chicago, the company featured a sales booth at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair.

You’re In Good Hands with Allstate

Its famous “You’re In Good Hands with Allstate” advertising slogan was created by one of the company’s sales managers, Davis Ellis, in 1950. For 22 years, advertising spokesman Ed Reimers made the cupped hands gesture in television and print commercials which became recognized everywhere as Allstate’s symbol of reliability. A variation of this slogan, “Are You in Good Hands?” has been in use in its advertising since 2004, most recently in a series of ads focusing on a “Mayhem” character who creates problems and the necessity of having reliable insurance in place. Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, Allstate as of 2012 ranked 93 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in America.

Allstate’s Four Different Insurance Plan Options

Allstate has become so popular because it offers customers four different insurance plan options to suit individual budgets, needs and lifestyles. The Allstate Value Plans include a basic Value Package, which offers policyholders 30 different ways to receive discounted rates based on such things as driving record and the anti-theft and safety equipment installed on their cars, in addition to an easy pay plan that enables premiums to be automatically deducted from a designated bank or credit card account. The next level policy called a Standard Policy includes these features in addition to an Allstate signature feature called “Accident Forgiveness” which prevents automatic rate hikes just because a policy holder has an accident, even if the event is judged to be the policy holder’s fault.

Benefits of Allstate Insurance’sĀ Gold Package

The third level of auto insurance coverage provided by Allstate, called the Gold Package, includes two additional benefits. These include enrollment in the Deductible Rewards Program, which eliminates $100 off the Deductible right from the day of sign up and then up to $100 annually for every year that is accident free, up to a total of $500. The Gold Package also includes the New Car Replacement benefit, covering new cars totaled in their first three years with a comparable new car replacement rather than a replacement by check for current market value of the vehicle. The Platinum Package offered by Allstate includes on additional feature called a Safe Driving Bonus. This offers policy holders the ability to receive a rebate check every 6 months of accident-free driving in an amount up to 5% of their total premiums. All of these programs carry the Allstate signature of rewarding customers who practice safe driving habits resulting in accident-free driving records.

Other Auto Insurance Special Programs by Allstate

Additional Allstate auto insurance special programs include the Your Choice Auto coverage for the highest-quality of protection and Teen Driver Programs aimed at educating younger, less experienced drivers to become safer while on the road. In 2011 Allstate created a drama TV series for the internet called The Lines which targeted this more high-risk teen driving category. The company also offers Allstate Roadside Coverage which provides emergency tow services while on the road and this program is available to all drivers whether or not they use Allstate as their primary auto insurance provider.

As the largest publicly traded property casualty insurance company in the U.S., Allstate offers a variety of products beyond auto insurance, including homeowners, renters, small business, motorcycle and motorhome, off-road vehicle, boat and flood insurance.

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