Do Passive Alarm Systems Lower Insurance Rates?

Do Passive Alarm Systems Lower Auto Insurance Rates?

Passive Alarm System to Lower Insurance RatesMany automobile owners who wonder if they should invest in a passive car alarm system may be interested to know that driving a vehicle equipped with such a device can help lower your car insurance rate. A passive alarm system is one that is automatically activated once the ignition has been turned off and the car doors have been locked in order to help protect the car from being broken into by a thief for the purpose of stealing valuables left inside or even from the car itself being stolen for the purpose of reselling its parts on the black market.

The Passive Alarm System Discount

Having a passive alarm system is one of the best ways to protect your car from theft because unlike an active alarm that must be manually set each time you leave the car, a passive alarm goes to work automotically so you can never forget to set it. When discussing a new auto insurance policy with an agent, it’s important to indicate whether or not you have a passive alarm system in place since insurance companies are not obligated to ask if you have one, but having such a system qualifies you for a Passive Alarm System Discount on your insurance rates.

Tell Your Insurance Company that Your Car Has Passive Alarm System

Most major insurance companies provide a discount for drivers who have installed a passive alarm system on their vehicle but they are not automatically considered when an agent is drawing up an insurance quote so you have to inform the company that you want a Passive Alarm System discount. It also pays to comparison shop when requesting a Passive Alarm System discount because the criteria each insurance company uses when providing this type of discount varies from one carrier to the next. It’s a smart idea to talk with at least three different insurance companies to inquire how much the installation of a Passive Alarm System in your vehicle could lower your monthly premiums, ranging anywhere between 10% and more than 30%.

Is Installing a Passive Alarm System Worth It?

If your vehicle does not already come equipped with a passive alarm system, you may wonder whether spending several hundred dollars to get one installed is worth the investment. But once you begin getting comparison quotes from insurance carriers and see the difference you will pay in premiums by having this kind of anti-theft device in your vehicle, you will be convinced it is one of the easiest ways to lower your annual car insurance coverage costs and get added protection for your car. In addition, having a passive alarm system provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protecting your car on a round the clock basis from becoming a victim of break-in or theft.

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