How to Evaluate Texas Auto Insurance Companies

Texas Auto Insurance Requirements

Like most states, Texas requires that anyone who drives in Texas adhere to the financial responsibility law in place that ensures that drivers who cause accidents pay for the damage and bodily injury that may ensue. Liability insurance is the way that most drivers cover the cost of damage repair, replacing damaged personal property as well as meeting the medical expenses they cause through their driving errors that result in accidents on Texas roads and highways. Because the Texas Department of Insurance is committed to protecting consumers who must purchase liablity insurance to cover financial obligations that occur when an accident happens, it offers good resources on its official website such as the most recent Automobile Complaint Index to help consumers choose a reliable and reputable carrier to offer them automobile liability insurance.

Using the Texas Insurance Complaint Index

The Texas Department of Insurance Automobile Complaint Index offers insurance customers an alphabetical listing of hundreds of insurance carriers operating in the state and offering Texas drivers minimum liability policies as required by law. In order to evaluate the performance of an insurance company based on the number of justified complaints the Department of Insurance has received from dissatisfied policy holders, the user can simply look up the name of the insurance carrier on the left of the list, then read across to see the number of justified complaints lodged by policy holders as compared to the total number of insurance policies the company issued for automobile coverage in the most recent year in which statistics have been formulated. Pay attention to the complaint index located at the extreme right hand side of the chart. If an insurance company has a less than 1.00 rating, it means that they received fewer complaints than average, but any number well above 1.00 means that the company in question has more complaints than average.

Comparing Texas Insurance Complaint Ratios

Some companies, including Ace Property and Casualty, CEM Insurance Company and Federal Insurance Company, have absolutely no customer complaints recorded against their performance, while others, including Colonial County Mutual Insurance, Home State County Mutual Insurance and Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, show higher than average complaints lodged against their performance. It’s important, however, to understand that companies that are not as established or issue a smaller number of policies than their major competitors may register as having higher than average complaints even though only one out of 100 policy holders filed a complaint.

Do Your Research on Auto Liability Insurance Requirements

Before signing up for an automobile liability policy to meet the requirements of Texas state law when driving anywhere in Texas, it’s important to evaluate an insurance company’s credibility. Check the government’s complaint index chart to see exactly how many policies they issue on an annual basis and how their customers rate their performance as evidenced by the number of complaints filed by policy holders who for whatever reason feel that they have not received the service they expected once they have filed an accident claim.