San Antonio Auto Insurance Rates

When it comes to auto insurance, you’re well-advised to shop around for prices. Comparing auto insurance rates is important for a number of reasons. First, it provides you with a basic outline of what the current market rates are for your area and your type of vehicle. Also, it allows you to learn about a number of different plans, all of which may offer varying services and coverage at different rates.

When you begin your auto insurance investigation, you will be asked a series of questions right from the beginning. While some auto insurance companies may differ in the number of questions they ask, the basic questions are likely to be the following:

• Your zip code
• The number of miles you drive in a year
• The number of years you have been a licensed driver
• The type of automobile that needs to be insured

Here are some additional tips to consider when shopping for auto insurance plans.

If you are using an online auto insurance comparison calculator, the results will also list discounts offered by each company and present you with options for contacting companies with questions about your insurance needs and for actual premium quotes.

For those consumers whose need is auto insurance quotes, many online auto insurance services can put you in touch with agents selling cheap auto insurance in their state. Many quotes provide both quality and savings, especially for drivers who have to file claims and many of them don’t. So it’s best to work with a respectable and reliable auto insurance company.

In addition, don’t just look at the total liability for the auto insurance coverage. Look at the coverage per person.

It’s also important to maintain a strong credit rating as many insurance companies will use your credit rating to decide whether to insure you or not and how to much to charge you for your plan.

Even though rental insurance is often overlooked as it will add a few extra dollars to your plan, it is a wise idea to request that your auto insurance company pay for a rental car following an accident. A rental policy that covers you for a vehicle of equal-size will save you lots of money in the unfortunate incident you have a car accident and your car is held up in the shop for a few days or longer.

Certain states offer price guidelines for various types of coverage. A few states place this information online but if you are unsure about your state’s policy, call your state insurance department, and ask if they have pricing information available.

To keep pricing down, once you have secured an auto insurance plan and you have a teenager who is off at college, take them off the policy.

According to industry professionals, teen drivers add anywhere from 50 percent to 500 percent to a premium. If children are going to school more than 100 miles from home, you can take them off the policy and save a serious chunk of money, according to Loretta Worters, vice president of communications for the Insurance Information Institute, an industry organization. Just be aware that your son or daughter cannot drive at school unless they have their own insurance, and if they come home for winter break or summer vacation, they are still not insured, so don’t loan them the car.

Finally, to trim as much as you can off of your auto insurance plan, take advantage of discounts. Every little bit helps. If you have been accident or ticket-free for a few years, your auto insurance company should give you a discount. Discounts also apply if you store your car in the garage, keep your annual driven miles under a certain number or if your car has certain safety features like anti-theft devices.

If you are new to purchasing auto insurance, talk to a professional you trust and come to a decision on deductibles and liability coverage that works for you.

San Antonio Auto Insurance is here to help support you as you make the best possible decision for an auto insurance plan.