Variety of Auto Insurance Discounts Save Money

Just because having car insurance is a requirement in your state doesn’t mean you can’t save money when buying an automobile insurance policy. It really helps to be aware of the many different types of auto insurance discounts you can take advatage of in order to keep more money in your wallet.

(1) Defensive Driver Discount

Ask your insurance agent if your carrier offers a cheaper rate once you have successfully passed a defensive driver course. Many insurance companies who want to see their accident claims go down would rather discount your policy by as much as 10% for having successfully passed a certified defensive driver course online than pay much more in accident and injury claims. An added bonus is that passing these courses make you a much better driver less inclined to be the cause of an accident.

Auto Insurance Discounts and Good Driving

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(2) Good Driver Discount

Most people consider themselves to be a good driver, but insurance companies love clients who can prove that they are good by not having had any violations or tickets in the past several years. If your driving record is clean, ask about qualifying for a good driver discount which can shave off up to one-fifth of your monthly premiums.

(3) Multiple Car Discount

It can save money to insure every car driven by a member of your household by the same insurance company if they offer a multiple car discount. The savings depend upon the year, make and model of each car, as well as the driving record of the operator, too.

(4) Bundle Discounts

If you need homeowners, life insurance, motorcycle insurance or any other type of insurance, investigate what the savings would be if you purchased all of your policies from the same insurance company, a practice known as bundling.

(5) Military Discount

If you are currently serving in the military, are a veteran of military service, or have a family member in the same household who is either in active service or a retired veteran, inquire if your insurance company offers discounted rates for current or former members of any branch of the U.S. military.

(6) Automated Payment Discount

How you pay your car insurance premium and how often can affect your rate. Often insurers offer discounts if you set up an automated payment schedule that takes out your monthly, semi-annual or annual premium directly from a checking, savings or credit card account.

(7) Safety Equipment Discount

You can easily lower your car insurance rates if you drive a car featuring special safety and security equipment that makes the car much more difficult to steal or offers added protection in the event of an accident.

(8) Professional Association Discount

Membership in certain clubs, professional and trade assocations and groups often entitle you to take advantage of lower car insurance rates offered only to members of these organizations.

(9) Good Student Discount

Are you a full time student with a GPA of “B” or better? Many insurance companies attract younger customers with no accidents or violations and a certain grade level demonstrating their responsibility and stability by offering promotional pricing that can save a few dollars.

(10) Low Mileage Discount

Drivers who stay close to home and don’t put many miles on the odometer can often qualify for a low mileage discount because they are lessening their chances of having to make an accident claim, resulting in as much as a 15% discount off automobile insurance rates.